Ocean left blood red after hundreds of whales are slaughtered in annual ritual

A controversial ritual involving the slaughter of over 250 whales has been condemned by campaigners and animal lovers around the world.

The North Atlantic Ocean, off the Faroe Islands, which is part of Denmark, turned blood red during the shocking killing of 252 pilot whales and 35 dolphins.

For around 1,000 years this annual slaughter called Grindadràp, has been held.

The annual ritual involve hunters surrounding the whales with boats and driving them into a bay near a certified beach where they then slaughter them with spears.

The Faroe Islands: Grindadráp | We still eat whale meat in t… | Flickr

Many Faroese people consider the whale meat an important part of their heritage and depend on the meat as not much can be grown or raised on the islands but animal rights groups have criticized the practice saying it’s cruel and unnecessary.

Even Faroese people have differing views on the practice.

Non-profit organization Sea Shepherd, whose ships are now banned from entering the archipelago, said it was a “barbaric practice.”

According to a post on Twitter: “252 long finned pilot whales and 35 Atlantic white sided dolphins were killed in Hvalba last night after the huge pod was found off Sandvik.”

“This is the first organized Grindadràp hunt of 2020 with the meat from the hunt distributed first to the approximately 70 hunt participants from the boats and those killing on the beach – and then the remainder to villages on Suðuroy with all recipients then free to sell their share of the meat if they so wish,” a statement from the organization said.

‘Brutally murdered’

According to the Matador Network commercial whale hunting is also carried out in Japan, Iceland and Norway but this killing of whales so close to the beach appears to attract the most attention.

Meanwhile conservation organization ORCA posted on Twitter: “To the beautiful family of pilot whales that were brutally murdered in the Danish #FaroeIslands, we are so deeply sorry… We will keep fighting to end this insane blood sport. RIP beautiful family… Please Boycott the Faroe Islands!”

What do you think of this ancient but shocking practice? It certainly makes for some upsetting images.

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