Newborn baby giraffe is already standing 6 feet tall

Any parent who has seen their baby grow up will tell you “they grow up so fast.” But it’s even more true if you’re a giraffe!

Giraffes, of course, grow up to be very tall—they’re the tallest animal on earth. But it’s fascinating to see that even as babies, they’re already taller than the average human!

This week, a male baby giraffe was born at the Indianapolis Zoo, the first calf of a three-year-old mother named Kita.


Despite only being a few days old, this newborn is already growing up fast.

According to a press release by the zoo, the calf was six-feet tall at birth, weighing 137 pounds… and is already standing tall.

Giraffes have a 14-month pregnancy, and the newborns come out ready go get out into the world.

“While their arrival into the world is somewhat abrupt, newborn giraffes are extremely resilient and are typically up on their feet in less than an hour,” the zoo said.


The Indianapolis Zoo says that the calf is curious and closely bonding with his mom.

Other members of the herd have also greeted the newborn’s arrival with licks. He is the fifth member of the zoo’s herd, who will soon spend the winter in an indoor facility.

Indianapolis Zoo

The zoo explains that the giraffes are part of a breeding program to help support a species that is vulnerable to extinction.

“To support a healthy population of animals in human care, the Zoo maintains an active giraffe breeding program through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan,” the Indianapolis Zoo writes.

“Like all of the Zoo’s animals, this newborn will be an ambassador and help to raise awareness for conservation of the species.”

This junior giraffe is already looking healthy and strong, and he will only keep shooting up in height: the zoo says that by his first birthday he will grow several more feet!

It will surely be a great experience for zookeepers and visitors alike to watch this beautiful giraffe grow up, and know he’s helping to keep the giraffe population alive.

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