Nearly 100 endangered turtles hatch on beach deserted due to coronavirus

Around 100 endangered sea turtles have hatched on a Brazilian beach after it was left deserted by measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Paulista City Hall say that 97 Hawksbill sea turtles โ€“ an endangered breed โ€“ hatched and made their way to sea due to the absence of people there to disturb their progress.

It’s said that Hawksbill sea turtles usually face the risk of being trampled underfoot by beachgoers after hatching. This, along with the chance they may be snatched by predators, accounts for the fact that many of them die before reaching the sea.

Credit: Paulista City Hall

Stunning photographs taken by government employees have now surfaced showing the moment dozens of the little creatures made their way to the waves.

Residents in the region of Pernambuco have been banned from gathering at the beach as part of the restrictions in place to fight the outbreak of coronavirus.

Credit: Paulista City Hall

Herbert Andrade, Environmental Manager at Paulista, said: “In all, 291 sea turtles were born on the coast of Paulista in 2020, with 87 green turtles and 204 hawksbill turtles. This time, due to preventive measures against the new coronavirus, the population was unable to closely monitor the birth.”

Hawksbills are labeled as ‘critically endangered’ by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and so the fact so many hatched this year can only be a good thing.

Finding little pockets of light in amongst the darkness that coronavirus has brought upon us is vitally important. I don’t know about you, but these photos melt my heart!

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