Missing 100-year-old tortoise rescued from canal, reunites with family

It’s always heartwarming to see lost pets are reunited with their families — shelters and rescues are always working hard to make sure missing animals get home.

But one recent reunion story is truly unique and special, as the missing pet was a 100-year-old tortoise!

On August 30, the Animal Control Team in Parish of Ascension, Louisiana got an unusual call about a land tortoise in distress in the New River Canal.

According to a Facebook post from the local government, animal control officers Curt Trepagnier and Isreal Millet retrieved the tortoise from the canal and secured him in a truck, then transported him to Cara’s House – Ascension Parish Animal Shelter.

They wrote that the tortoise would be placed on a three-day hold and would be put up for adoption if the owner didn’t claim him, but thankfully his family was found.

It turns out the African Tortoise is named Biscuit, and he’s 100 years old. An update from Cara’s House shows the old tortoise going home with his family.

We’ve seen many stories of lost dogs and cats being reunited with their families, but a tortoise is certainly a first. African tortoises in captivity have a lifespan of about 80-100 years, making Biscuit a senior even for the long-living species.

(He’s still far short of the all-time record held by 190-year-old Jonathan, the world’s oldest living land mammal.)

We’re so glad that Biscuit was rescued and reunited with his family! Please share this inspiring news if you love animals! ❤️