Men kill giant bull shark then pull nine babies from her stomach

Four friends who went fishing near their homes in New South Wales, Australia, ended the day with quite a catch.

The fishermen landed a giant female bull shark which they killed, only to discover after that she was carrying nine babies.

Bull sharks are considered one of the most dangerous species of tropical shark but are now on the Near Threatened list due to their habitat being more vulnerable to humans and habitat changes.

After posting a picture of their giant catch on social media some congratulated them while others criticized the killing of an animal.

Fishermen Kill Giant Bull Shark Before Pulling 9 Babies From Stomach
Facebook/Garry Arndell/Unilad

The group caught the female shark, which usually grow larger than the males of the species, in the Hastings River, on New South Wales’s north coast according to Unilad.

After catching the shark, they hung it from a hook, snapped a picture of the four of them with the beast, before slicing open its stomach and finding the nine babies.

They then lined the babies up by the body of their mother and took another picture.

Facebook/Garry Arndell/Unilad

“Congratulations men, you killed 10 sharks in their natural habitat minding their own business,” one MailOnline reader wrote.

“I am so angry at people’s cruelty to our world’s wildlife … Extinction is forever… Why can these people keep killing our world’s wildlife… Heartless and disgusting… humans are the cancer of our planet,” another reader wrote.

Number of human attacks

According to reports, the river is used by local residents for swimming and water skiing despite shark sightings.

According to Marine Bio bull sharks have been implicated in a number of attacks on humans.

The killing has sparked huge controversy.

Posted by UNILAD on Thursday, January 2, 2020

One reader, local to the area, wrote on Unilad’s social media page: ” This was in my local river there are huge breeders up there have a few this size caught each year pretty scary when we all swim in it as a kids.”

Another user wrote: “Hang about. They were fishing and caught a shark. What’s the big deal here? Has everyone outraged by this never ordered a piece of flake from the fish and chip shop?”

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