Man builds mini picnic table so his back-yard squirrels can dine in style

Now, more than ever, we can look out of our windows and truly appreciate the wildlife that’s around us.

For most of us a life of rushing around has been put on temporary hold amid the coronavirus pandemic and we’re spending more time at home looking out of our windows.

Thankfully it’s spring so is the perfect time to look outside and notice the spots of color peeking through and the wildlife emerging from hibernation.

One man wanted to show just how grateful he was for the joy the wildlife in his back yard had given him and rewarded them with something that can bring a smile to all of our faces.

Rick Kalinowski

Rick Kalinowski built mini picnic tables in his back yard so the squirrels that he loved watching from his kitchen window could dine in style.

The wildlife lover really enjoys watching these furry friends getting busy in his back yard and wanted them to know it. Using some spare wood he had lying around at home he crafted a tiny picnic table and nailed it to his fence.

He even laid out a nut buffet on the table for the squirrels to feast on. Thankfully he’s taken photos and video of this adorable site and unsurprisingly they’ve gone viral.

Now he has squirrels visiting his mini dining establishment twice a day to enjoy the bounty of nuts he leaves for them.

Rick Kalinowski

“I really believe they love it,” Rick told The Dodo.

He’s even positioned the table so he has the perfect view of them from his kitchen window where he enjoys his morning coffee.

“I appreciate them and they appreciate me,” Rick said. 

Rick Kalinowski

This is a wonderful idea to help distract us from the moment we’re all trying to get through; such a relaxing escapism.

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