Mama lion risks her life to save her baby who is clinging to the side of a cliff

A mother’s instinct for protecting her babies was caught on camera when a lion cub found himself in a dangerous situation.

Wildlife photographer Jean-Francois Largot witnessed the dramatic incident in Kenya. Now the images have been shared around the world.

A lion cub fell off the edge of a cliff and was left stranded at the bottom unable to get back up to reach his mother.

Mama lion was alerted when the cub cried out after falling in Kenya’s Masai Mara game preserve in Africa.


His mom and three other lionesses ran to look over the edge at the stranded baby and even tried to help but soon realized that that it was too steep a drop for them to attempt.

But the cub’s mom acted on her motherly instinct and slowly started making her way down the cliff to rescue her baby who is clinging to the side of the cliff.

Then just as her baby looks as though he’s going to fall further down, she grabs him by the scruff of the neck in her jaws and climbs back to the top.

Wikipedia / John Storr

The two look very content after as mom licks her son’s head to comfort him after such an ordeal.

See more images of this dramatic rescue in the clip below.

A mother’s love! Nothing stands in her way from saving her baby. What animals do to keep their young safe in the wild is astonishingthis is a true proof of that!

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