59-year-old sick chimp refuses to eat, now watch her make eye contact with the man who raised her

Some moments in life can truly touch your soul and stay with you for a long time. This might be one of them.

‘Mama’ is a 59-year-old chimp — but she’s not just any other chimpanzee. She’s also the oldest matriarch in the world-famous chimpanzee colony at the Royal Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands.

In her old age, Mama had recently become seriously ill and was approaching the end of her life. Jan Van Hooff is a professor in biology and comparative physiology at Utrecht University, specializing in research involving primates. He is also one of the founders of the Royal Burgers Colony and has known Mama since 1972.

Recently, from one day to another, Mama had suddenly refused to eat, drink and was ignoring the zoo staff. Old and tired, Mama had given up on life.

But she would somehow regain a bit of energy when an old friend paid her a last visit.

Jan had come to say farewell to the dying chimp.

Initially, Mama ignored Jan’s presence, but when she realized that it was her friend of 40 years who had come to see her one last time, her mood changed.

The reunion, which was filmed, is so powerful and emotional that you can really feel the joy that Mama radiates when she embraces Jan. She even eats when he gives her food!

Whoever believes that animals can’t remember things or feel emotions like we do needs to watch this!

There’s no doubt that Mama remembers Jan and she recognizes him almost like seeing a parent after so many years.

Watch for yourself below:

Sadly, Mama passed away shortly after her meeting with Jan.

But we can comfort ourselves in knowing that she lived a long life filled with love and played an important part in helping people understand chimpanzees better.

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