Lion prepares to attack, seconds later everyone is in awe when she opens her jaw

Some stories deserve to be spread all over the world — this is one of them. In the video below we watch as a hungry lion begins the hunt for its next meal. A young wildebeest has been abandoned and left as easy prey for the huge lion. But, it appears as if this particular lion has a heart of gold. I am forever grateful to the tourists who managed to capture the video.

The video below shows a unique, surprising situation. A young, hungry lion begins to hunt for its meal — and we can’t help but feel terrible for the tiny calf that is lost, alone, and vulnerable.

Photo: Facebook.

However, when the hunt is over and the calf is captured, something amazing happens. The lion doesn’t attack at all —instead, it shows a mother’s tenderness and love.

Photo: Facebook

A little later a second lion comes along. This new lion seems to think it has found an easy dinner. But, the little calf is defended by its new friend and caretaker. The pictures of this unique event have been shown around the world, and even the experts are baffled.

Watch the video below to see the unlikely friendship:

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