Koala sneaks into garden - sees woman in the pool and surprises her with a kiss

Koala sneaks into garden – sees woman in the pool and surprises her with a kiss

Koalas are wonderfully sweet creatures and most of us can only dream of coming close to seeing one as they’re native to Australia.

They avoid social interaction, probably because they sleep for 20 hours a day and are sadly under threat due to habitat loss, made even worse by the recent devastating bush fires.

So when one of these amazing creatures wandered into a back yard where a woman was swimming, she couldn’t believe her luck.


The koala was chilling in a tree in the back yard of a house in the Adelaide hills, in Australia.

House owner Lili Grace was taking a dip in their freshwater pool when she spotted her cuddly friend.

“Our adorable little ‘neighbor’ pops in for a visit every now and again at our place in the Adelaide hills,” she wrote alongside the video of the remarkable encounter she posted on YouTube.


She adds: “Usually this little fella just sits in the tree in our pool area unfazed by anything around it but this time he was keen to come and make friends “

The video shows the koala coming down from the tree and investigating the fresh water pool.

Realizing that he’s probably thirsty Lila cups her hands around the water and offers it to him, which he happily drinks.


He dips his paw in as if testing the temperature before Lila offers him the refreshing drink.

“We provide him with his own water bowl, but on this hot day he preferred the cooler pool water,” she wrote.


After the koala has taken a drink, Lila steps out of the pool to make friends with him.

He seems so chilled as he sits there just looking at her.


The koala is curious and as Lila greets him, it appears as though he’s giving her a kiss.


Watch the wonderful exchange in the clip below.

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