Kayaker is approached by wild donkey — then he realizes he’s asking him for help

When a kayaker was approached by a wild donkey recently, he realized the animal was asking him for help — and he stepped up to save the day.

Travis Ward, from Arizona, has been kayaking for about a year: he says it helps him connect with nature, according to 12 News.

But on one recent trip on the waters of Lake Pleasant, Travis got an up-close encounter with nature that he will never forget.

Just before heading out on the water, Travis was approached by a donkey. Dozens of donkeys roam free around the lake, so spotting one isn’t unusual, but Travis had never been approached by one so closely before — he soon realized the animal was asking him for help.


It appeared the donkey had had an uncomfortable brush with a cactus: “He got closer and I saw there were thorns in his nose and his ear as well,” Travis told 12 News. “I could just tell he was in pain… I realized he was in trouble.”

So, Travis did something inspiring: he approached the donkey and started pulling the thorns out one by one. He removed about 40 cactus spines, and the donkey was reportedly patient and “very calm” during the procedure.


Travis said the donkey was appreciative, and thanked him by making a “donkey noise” for about a minute before taking off. Travis paused for a few minutes to take in the moment before getting into his kayak, after an unforgettable wildlife encounter.

“It’s always nice to help whether it’s a person or an animal,” he told 12 News.

Thank you for helping this distressed donkey! We know he appreciated your help ❤️

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