Karolina receives unexpected company from king of the forest – now watch as it gets closer

Karolina Midböe was cooling off in a lake when she was suddenly joined by an unexpected and fascinating guest: a moose.

Thankfully, the event was caught on video — and the amazing clip is now understandably spreading like wildfire.

It isn’t just humans who like to cool off when it’s hot. Our four-legged friends like to take a dip too when it’s things get a little too warm in the sun.

In this story, it’s the king of the forest that felt like a little swim, something Karolina from Karlstad, Sweden, could never have expected.

“It was magical! It was like we had some kind of communication between us and a mutual respect,” Karolina told local media SVT, adding:

“I wasn’t afraid at all. After the moose passed me, I stood and listened to the splashing sounds of his step. It was wonderful — it made a completely different sound than if  a human or horse goes into water. It was a quiet sound.”

Meanwhile, Karolina’s father stood on the beach, immediately picking up his phone to start filming the beautiful scene. Karolina stood still and simply admired the breathtaking creature.

A second moose stood on the shore, seemingly shy to enter the water, Karolina told SVT.

Watch the magical encounter below:

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