Hunter gets gored to death by elk a day after shooting it

Hunter gets gored to death by elk a day after shooting it

Some people like to hunt animals for sport, but it can be a dangerous. It’s not always a one-way street: sometimes nature strikes back and the hunter becomes the hunted.

That was the case in one man’s bizarre death, after a wild elk decided to take its revenge.

Mark David, a 66-year-old man from Hillsboro, Oregon, was archery hunting on Saturday, and struck a bull elk with his bow, according to KOIN.

It was nighttime, so instead of finding the elk the man left the injured animal overnight, planning to return the next morning.


Sunday morning, Mark headed out again with the property owner and went searching for the elk.

But then, he discovered the elk was still alive — and the elk gored the hunter in the neck with its antlers.

Despite efforts to help Mark, he died from his injuries.


It was almost as if the elk got its revenge, and was just waiting for the hunter to return.

Unfortunately, things did not end well for the elk, either: it was killed, and its meat was donated to the local county jail.

The unbelievable incident has since gone viral. While some see it as an unfortunate accident, others see it as karma, and say the deer was just defending itself. Other commenters point out that the hunter should not have left an injured deer to suffer overnight.

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