Homeless woman saves baby squirrel's life by sharing the only food she had

Homeless woman saves baby squirrel’s life by sharing the only food she had

A homeless woman shared what little food she had with a struggling orphaned baby squirrel.

Tabitha Aldrich spotted a squirrel in the road about to get hit by a car and quickly jumped into action.

The Columbia, South Carolina woman who says she’s been homeless for eight years didn’t hesitate to help the squirrel in distress.

She scooped the starving squirrel out of harm’s way and then took him to Memorial Park in Downtown Columbia.


“We tried to release him here at Memorial Park but he just kept on following us,” she told ABC13 News.

Tabitha shared what little food she had with the squirrel she named Rocky, before reaching out to Laura Ross with Squirreltopia Wildlife Rescue.

“They shared bits of their honey bun with him to keep him alive in between the sugar and the carbs it was enough to keep him up until I could get there,” Laura said.

“There were 1,000 other things they could’ve been doing. One-thousand other things that we imagine homeless people do but they weren’t. They were saving a little squirrel.”


Laura said wild baby animals are naturally afraid of humans so if they allow us to handle them, they are desperate for help.

Rocky is doing much better now he’s in expert hands and Laura and her partner Cory have even been checking up on him to see how he’s doing.

“They could’ve done a lot of things. They could’ve tried to make me buy the squirrel, but they didn’t,” says Laura. “They even checked back the next day to make sure he was OK, and check on him. I think that is phenomenal.”


Laura to want to do something to help and has set up a GoFundMe hoping to raise some funds to thank Tabitha for her kindness to Rocky.

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