Helpful New Zealand bird helps man open beer bottles: 'Cheers, mate'

Helpful New Zealand bird helps man open beer bottles: ‘Cheers, mate’

Animals can be so smart and helpful in so many different ways, but one bird has proved he’d make the perfect party guest.

We’ve all been there: you want to crack open a cold one but you don’t have a bottle opener anywhere. But that’s no worry when you’ve got nature on your side.

In one viral video, a man named Ryan Jennings traveled to the Milford Sound in New Zealand. He and his friend arrived earlier than expected, and with nothing else to do decided to just park the car, chill with a beer and enjoy the views of nature.

Problem was, they had no way to open the bottles… until they got a visit from a very helpful bird:


There was no one in the area except some keas, birds native to the area. Ryan had a hunch one of them would be willing to help out.

“These birds are known for their destructive tendencies so we wondered if we could put them to good use,” Ryan told NewsFlare.

Asking the birds for a “favor,” the kea wasted no time in plucking the bottle caps off with its beak. The bird did it all on its own with no coercion and it didn’t harm the bird at all.

And they thanked the kea with a friendly New Zealand “Cheers, mate.”


While some commenters wondered why the men didn’t reward their helpful buddy with a treat of some kind, they told NewsFlare that they didn’t feed the birds, presumably obeying local environmental rules, and didn’t leave any trash behind.

Who needs a bottle opener anyway? Cheers to these friendly keas for helping out. Share this funny story!