Great news: Scotland bans wild animals from the circus

Scotland is the first country in the UK to forbid the use of animals in the circus, reports The Guardian.

It’s a big victory for animals and will hopefully inspire more countries to follow suit!

Wild animals don’t belong in the circus. It isn’t natural for them to perform tricks or stand on a stage – and no wild animal thrives when travelling the world in the back of a circus van.

Yesterday afternoon, another country took a step in the right direction. Scotland has banned ringside circuses from using wild animals in their shows.

Important act

The bill was brought forward by Scotland’s environment secretary Roseanna Cunningham.

“This is an important act that will not only prevent travelling circuses ever showing wild animals in Scotland in the future, but will demonstrate to the wider world that we are one of the growing number of countries that no longer condones the use of wild animals in this way,” Roseanna says in a statement.

Hopes that it will inspire others

Animal rights organisations in the UK now hope that Scotland’s ban will encourage England to do the same thing. The ban was suggested there in 2013, but despite wide support from both politicians and members of the public, the suggestion never became reality.

NEVER support circuses that use wild animals.

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