Great news! Another country bans fur farming – and America should follow suit

Fur farms are set to be phased out in Norway. Animal rights organizations are overjoyed at the news – and now animal charities in other parts of the world are hearing the news and speaking up.

“Norway is talking about today’s message to the growing number of countries in Europe who discontinue fur farming. By 2017, the Czech Republic and Germany have also decided to shut down fur farms,” says Camilla Björkbom, chairman of Animal Society Right, in a statement.

It was reported on Sunday that the Norwegian government is to phase out fur farms by the year 2025.

“YES! Our 28 year fight is over. We did it!” writes Norwegian animal rights organization NOAH on their Facebook page.

And it seems that other European countries are set to follow in Norway’s tracks.

“Fur farming bans have been introduced in Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and the United Kingdom, with bans being considered in Belgium and Luxembourg,” confirms the Humane Society International/EU.

There are around 300 fur farms in Norway today.

“We’re shocked, shaken to the core,” said Guri Wormdahl, member of the Norwegian Fur Breeders Association.

3 million pelts per year produced in the US

Despite this good news for Norway, fur farming is still legal in the US. The US Fur Commission reports that there are around 300 mink farms across 23 states, which produce around 3 million pelts every year.

I was so happy to hear this news and think it’s time that ALL countries followed suit! 

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JAAAA!!! VI KLARTE DET!!! PELSDYROPPDRETT BLIR FORBUDT!NOAHs 28 år lange kamp for pelsdyrene er vunnet!! ENDELIG…

Posted by NOAH – for dyrs rettigheter on Sunday, January 14, 2018