Elephant ferociously chases man on bike – the reason is clear once he lifts his trunk

Elephants are stately and beautiful creatures which I could watch all day long. As one of the largest land mammals they usually spend most of the day eating and although graceful and serene you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of one!

So, when I saw this video below of an Indian elephant which seems to be chasing after a cyclist, I was alarmed. But, it’s only when I saw why, everything made sense.

A man has dedicated his life to capturing these magical creatures on film. He also likes to post the pictures online to educate people about these endangered animals and how we can help to save them.

The elephant he captured on film this time really proves what loving and thoughtful creatures elephants really are.


Elephants are protective and family-oriented animals. They travel in herds, paying particular attention to their young.

As proof of this wildlife enthusiast Jasoprakas Debdas has captured a really special piece of elephant footage that blew me away.


No hesitation from the elephant

A man on his bicycle gets too close to the elephant and the elephant immediately chases him off.  But there is more behind the elephant charge than the cyclist first thought.


The photographer understood that there was probably a good reason why the elephant got so angry. And he was absolutely right. Take a look at the video below to see why the elephant reacted as it did.

It was because a whole elephant family was hiding in the bushes, and the elephant was very concerned for their safety. The mom elephant lifts her big trunk almost as a signal for her young to pass safely.

We’re so lucky that this special moment was captured on film, because it’s really beautiful to see how protective the mother is over her young. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is!

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