Frightened deer gets separated from his family, wanders on to property and befriends a cat

It’s always a wonderful experience to encounter a wild deer, but one encounter caught on camera was especially memorable.

A baby fawn, lost and separated from its mother, had wandered off from its habitat and found himself on a man’s property.

The deer decided to settle up next to the first animal he found: the owner’s pet cat.


They two animals from two different worlds. The cat seemed confused at the new arrival, and investigated the deer, bopping its head with his paw.

The fawn, meanwhile, was unfazed and didn’t move away—after being separated from his family, maybe he just found a spot he felt safe in.


The video of their interaction went viral on YouTube, and currently has nearly 6 million views.

Luckily, that wasn’t the end of the story—this deer was able to make his way home.

In follow-up video, the owners lift the deer to help him him regain his footing.


Once he’s up, he begins to trot off—but heads in the wrong direction.

Realizing the deer doesn’t know which way to go to rejoin his family, one of the men lifts him up and carries him towards the forest.

There, he releases the young deer back into the wild, presumably rejoining his family.

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