Foxes caught on camera sneaking into yard and jumping on the trampoline

With most of us spending more time in our homes and the streets being a lot quieter we’re all enjoying spotting the wonderful wildlife that is right on our doorstep that we normally miss.

To show our respect for all the creatures great and small we should only watch them from afar but sometimes they venture into our space and have more fun than we do.

These adorable foxes were caught on camera sneaking into a back yard to take advantage of the owner’s trampoline.


The two furry friends start play fighting until one of them realizes that the surface they’re on is bouncy.

One of the foxes is happy watching from the sidelines as his bold friend starts to jump up and down.

Thankfully the video was posted online so we can all enjoy these two fun foxes.

Last August dad-of-one Martin Greenhalgh from Wales was woken by an alarm on his CCTV system to find four fox cubs having the time of their lives on his trampoline.

He said: ‘I looked at the camera and it was just amazing to see them there in the middle of the night,” he told Metro News.

Martin said he’d spotted the odd fox in his yard but never four playing on his daughter’s trampoline.

Happy fox cubs were caught on camera bouncing around on a family's trampoline - just like in the John Lewis Christmas advert. Martin Greenhalgh, 51, had a security alert on his CCTV after the motion-sensor cameras picked up movement in his back garden. And when Martin was stunned when he saw the four cubs jumping playfully on his family trampoline. Dad-of-one Martin said: "I looked at the camera and it was just amazing to see them there in the middle of the night. Pictured here are the foxes on the trampoline WALES NEWS SERVICE

I don’t usually think of foxes as playful creatures; I’ve never seen them play together like this before.

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