Fox is getting ready to attack cat – but watch as things take an unlikely turn

FOTO: Youtube

Fox is getting ready to attack cat – but watch as things take an unlikely turn

Foxes are beautiful animals and don’t pose a big threat to humans, but they can actually attack other animals.

I imagine that the person who filmed this video quickly put down their coffee and grabbed their camera they saw a fox running out onto the street toward a cat.

It looks like it’s going to attack, but just wait and see…




Photo: YouTube

It’s not so unusual to see a fox. I’ve seen a few over the years, but they do show up in the most unexpected places.

Foxes are pretty harmless animals that usually run away as fast as they can when they see a human being. But when they encounter other animals, anything can happen.

Photo: YouTube

According to some experts, foxes have been known to attack cats, says Anders Hedström, an animal welfare inspector in Sweden.

“Foxes eat what they come across, and if they make an effort, they’ll be successful. But foxes don’t pose a major risk,” Anders told Sweden’s SVT News.

Photo: YouTube

Cats are cautious animals and their instinct isn’t always to run away when they sense danger.

“Most cats won’t attempt to escape. Instead, they’ll collapse on the ground and try and go undetected,” Anders says.

The person who filmed this unique event probably figured that the fox would attack the cat and I did, too.

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Watch when the fox approaches the cat… What it does is incredible: