Fox cub freed after getting his head stuck in a can has this sweet response for his rescuer

One homeowner woke up to a strange site in his back yard one morning and had to go outside to investigate.

He could just make out the furry torso of a wild animal in his back yard but wasn’t quite sure what it was as the poor creature had got its head stuck in a can.

The concerned resident decided to film the animal desperately trying to free itself and as he got closer he made a distinctive noise that signaled this furry friend was a fox cub.

Foxes have been in the U.K. for decades and have been documented since the 1930s. It’s thought there are almost half a million of these shy creatures in the country, with not many people able to get close to them.


They are excellent climbers and live in social groups of two to six adults, although they mostly look for food independently.

They are also very vocal when communicating with each other, something this surprised resident discovered when he got closer to the trapped fox cub.

The fox is filmed running around and screaming out as he desperately tries to free himself from a can of dog food he was clearly trying to get a meal out of before he got stuck.


As he gets further into a corner the man is able to get close enough to pull the can off his head, while he screams out in pain. When he finally sees the light of day he is faced with his rescuer and instead of running off scared, he has the sweetest response.

Watch this grateful fox’s response to the man who rescued him in the clip below and don’t forget to share.