Family finds a lost baby goat and helps him reunite with his family

Sometimes animals get lost, separated from their homes and families, and it takes some kindhearted strangers to help them find their way back.

That was the case for a young goat who was lost and found by a human family who helped him have a beautiful reunion with his mother.

The story was shared by a Reddit user known as u/kdearceo, from the Philippines. Their sister recently found a young goat trapped in a pit near their home, all alone.


The family took the kid in for the night, giving him shelter before setting out to find his owners in the morning.

They named the goat Shawarma D. Goat. The kid ran around their house, and the family gave him lots of attention and pets.

They had some trouble getting him to anything or sleep through the night. The goat was probably still scared to be away from his family and in these new surroundings. However they were able to get him to rest and feed from a bottle.


The next morning when the weather cleared up, the family took Shawarma outside to look for his owners. They had put out notices on social media seeing if he belonged to anyone.

But by a miraculous coincidence, the family ran into Shawarma’s family… except they weren’t humans, it was a herd of wild goats!

The family noticed the goats had the same white markings as Shawarma, and their suspicions were confirmed when the goat immediately recognized his family, and in a beautiful moment galloped right towards his mother for a heartwarming reunion:

We found a kid goat trapped in a pit yesterday. Took care of it overnight and decided to find the owner but to no avail. Instead, we found a group of goats with the same white fur on top of their heads so we tried to put him on the ground. Ninja chopping onions moment from r/aww

Kdearceo posted the touching moment on Reddit, where it has gone viral. They said it brought a tear to their eye, calling it a “ninja chopping onions moment.”

Many Reddit users praised kdearceo as a hero for helping reunite the lost goat, but they said it was just the right thing to do.

“Let’s call this act simple as being humans! We have the capacity to protect and care so we should, always!”

People loved the story so much that kdearceo posted an extended video on YouTube:

What a beautiful reunion! Thank you to this family for saving this baby goat and helping him find his family.

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