Elusive wolverine makes an appearance at Mt. Rainier National Park after more than 100 years

Have you ever seen a wolverine?

No, not the fictional character from the Marvel Universe, but the small, powerful animal that looks like a little bear.

NPS/Cascades Carnivore Project

According to reports, a female wolverine and her two offspring, kits, were recently spotted in Mount Rainier National Park.

It’s the first time a wolverine has been spotted in the national park in over 100 years.

NPS/Cascades Carnivore Project

“It’s really, really exciting,” Mount Rainier National Park Superintendent Chip Jenkins said. “It tells us something about the condition of the park— that when we have such large-ranging carnivores present on the landscape that we’re doing a good job of managing our wilderness.” 

NPS/Cascades Carnivore Project

Wolverines typically live at a high elevation, in the United States they generally live in the North Cascade Range, northern Rocky Mountains, and a portion of Oregon.

They also need a lot of space to roam. The small bear-like creatures can walk around 15 miles per day in search of food.

Researchers are excited about this discovery and hope that more wolverines will return to the park after a century-long absence.

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