Elephant mom struggles to rescue calf from watering hole – then herd steps in to help

Watching an elephant herd in action is the most beautiful and educational sight we have the privilege of seeing.

Herds are led by the oldest and largest female and are made up of mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters, while males leave the herd between the ages of 10 and 19 and lead a more solitary life.

When a calf is born it’s not just the mom that takes care of it, but all the females in the herd, whether it be the young ones learning or the experienced older ones passing on their wisdom.

So when a calf got stuck in a watering hole and her young mom couldn’t help him out she could relax knowing there was a herd of female elephants behind her ready to help.

Watch: Elephants lift baby out of watering hole - UPI.com

Safari company Wild Wings Safari captured the beautiful moment from a safari in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

“His young mother tried to assist but was too inexperienced to know how to help him,” Safari director Onne Vegter told ABC News.

“She hung her trunk down and at one point even seemed to offer her hind legs for support, but his little trunk was just too short to hold on to mommy’s legs.”

The other elephants come rushing over to help and turn at the watering hole as if to lead the elephant to a shallower area where he has a better chance of getting out, but he’s still too little to pull himself out.

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The mom attempts to push her baby out using her trunk but it isn’t until an older, stronger female assists can they lift the baby out.

It’s a touching moment and shows the “close emotional bonds between elephants and how they look out for each other,” Vegter added.

The elephants then walk off together with the baby calf running behind. At one point the calf falls down trying to keep up but mom is there right behind him to make sure he’s safe.

See for yourself in the clip below.

Elephants are truly remarkable creatures.

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