Dying buffalo gores hunter through the leg twice in final act of revenge

Dying buffalo gores hunter through the leg twice in final act of revenge

A dying buffalo managed to gore hunter Chris Mcsherry through the leg before dying, leaving the man hospitalized through his injuries.

As per per reports, Mcsherry, from Gove, Australia, came across the buffalo while bow hunting in Port Bradshaw. He fired two arrows at the animal in an attempt to bring it down, only for the buffalo to flee the scene.

Mcsherry and a friend followed a blood trail to track the creature, eventually finding it “in a thick piece of bush”.

*caution, graphic image below

Facebook / Chris Mcsherry

In a Facebook post, Mcsherry explained how his friend shot in with a “couple more bolts” in order to put it out of its misery.

Only, the buffalo had other plans. It charged at Mcsherry and gored him twice before going down for good, leaving him with a large wound above his right knee and an eight-inch gash under his bum.

Facebook / Chris Mcsherry

Mcsherry suffered what he described as “decent wounds” in the ordeal. He was transported to Darwin hospital, where he underwent two surgeries. He now faces the prospect of skin grafts in the future.

Mcsherry’s partner Elenie Bromot, posted an update on his condition, stating:

“Just wanted to give everyone an update, Chris Mcsherry is doing fine and is having surgery as we speak, thank you to everyone that has offered support to me and the girls and Ty, I am very grateful means a lot, and thank you to everyone thats has gone to see if he is ok in Darwin hospital, i really appreciate you all as i can not be there with him xoxo hopefully is home soon, will keep you updated [sic].”

Mcsherry himself, meanwhile, said:

“Buff is dead I’m alive (this time) and hope to be back with my family and friends soon thanks for all the well wishes on other posts I appreciate the love and support and will live to HUNT another day.”

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