Deer goes to family to get help – when they understand why, they call the police

Deer goes to family to get help – when they understand why, they call the police

I’m always fascinated when I’m able to get up close to animals in the wild. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to see a moose or other wild animal up close, and then it’s a case of staying as silent as possible so they don’t get scared away.

For police officer Kevin Zieschang and deer “Uncle Buck” in Texas, however, it was a different story – Buck wasn’t at all scared of humans. He walked straight up to them looking for help.

It all started when Buck decided to visit the yard of a complex building in Texas. He stood on the porch and peered through the window. At first, the people living in the house were surprised – then they saw that he needed help. Something was stuck in his horn and it seemed as though he had found the humans deliberately to ask them for help.

They didnt know how they should approach the deer, so they called the police for help.

Officer Kevin Zieschang came out to the house and helped Buck to remove the trash caught in his horn. But when they were done, Buck stayed put in the yard.


Kevin tried to scare him back into the forest, but Buck didn’t think the people were dangerous. In the end, he took a slow walk back to the forest and disappeared, thankful that the scrap was no longer stuck in his horn.

Came back to the house

A couple of days later, local media wanted to make a report about what had happened, and Kevin went back to the house where he had helped Buck. And then something unexpected happened.

It was as though the deer understood that they were talking about him – because in the middle of the interview, he walked out of the woods and went straight up to greet Kevin. It was like he wanted to say ‘Thank you’ one more time!


The calm deer walked completely happily between the police and the camera crew. He like being scratched on the head and seemed to enjoy all the attention. No one could understand how he was so tame.

Dangerously tame

Although it seems charming to have such a timid deer in a residential area, both the police and the residents knew it wasn’t good.

It was obvious that Buck was too tame for his own good. He wasn’t the least bit scared of humans, and wandered around the houses where he could become hurt. The police have now taken him to an animal sanctuary in the area so that he can wander around in a safe environment.

How wonderful that Buck wanted to greet the police officer! Sometimes I can’t believe how smart animals are – Buck knew exactly where to go for help.

You can watch Buck saying hello to all his friends in the clip below:

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