Deer enjoy their cherry blossom park home without hordes of tourists

Deer enjoy their cherry blossom park home without hordes of tourists

Despite fears over tourist spots going out of business due to the coronavirus lockdown there is a silver lining, one which the residents and animals living near these sites are enjoying.

The town of Nara, in Japan would normally be overrun by tourists at this time of year, flocking to see the famous deer park who can be pictured grazing among the stunning cherry blossoms.

But today the streets are deserted, and the tourist shops haven’t bothered to open.

Nara was one of the first Japanese towns to be hit by the virus outbreak when a local bus driver tested positive after carrying tourists from Wuhan, China, as per AP News.


Now the deer sit peacefully among the cherry trees without the disturbance of vehicles or tourists lining up to take selfies.

One resident told AP News that he was enjoying the peaceful scenes and not seeing those tourists who climbed inside the ancient and fragile cherry blossom trees to take pictures.

“Tourists were overflowing, and this is about right,” Kinji Nakamura told AP News.


Images of wildlife enjoying their surroundings with less people and pollution are being shared around the world.

The coronavirus lock down means the earth is no longer being choked by pollution in some parts of the world and is offering us the most beautiful sights as a result.

In April reports of the peaks of the Himalayas being visible for the first time in decades emerged, while images of lions napping on empty roads in South Africa and reports of wild goats roaming the streets of a coastal town in north Wales were shared across social media.

Not only are we having a break, but nature is enjoying a rest from all the disruption we were causing.

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