Dead koala found nailed to a wooden post: “I felt like throwing up”

A dead koala was found nailed to a wooden post at a picnic area in Australia.

The photo of the abused animal is now causing uproar across the country. HOW can anyone do something like this?

“I felt sick, like throwing up,” says Murray Chambers, spokesperson for Koala Rescue Queensland, to The Daily Mail.

Warning: Upsetting images ahead

It was on Wednesday that animal rescuers received a call saying that a koala had been seen climbing a wooden gazebo. They travelled to the area to take a closer look – but were not prepared for what they would see.

They discovered that the koala was dead – and nailed to a wooden post.

“What sort of people do this to a vulnerable and innocent animal? I feel sick, like throwing up,” Murray Chambers told The Daily Mail at the time.

Facebook/Koala Rescue Queensland Inc

After closer inspection, the team could state that the koala was already dead when it was nailed to the beam. But the reason why someone would want to do this to an innocent animal is still unclear.

Authorities are currently investigating the area to find traces that could lead to the people responsible.

It’s happened before

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time a koala bear has been the target of abuse. Murray Chambers explains that he’s seen koala bears that have been shot and beheaded.

I just can’t understand why anyone would do this. Anyone who treats a defenseless animal like this deserves a tough sentence. 

Poor koala. RIP now, sweetheart.

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