Camera captures unique moment when eagles land on dock

Watching animals interact with humans up close is absolutely fascinating — and often warms my heart.

When it occurs between people and what are typically shy animals — the experience is all the more exceptional.

This story is a perfect example of this.


Fisherman Jessie Peek from Alaska was preparing to jump on his boat when he received an unlikely visit on the dock: a dozen bald eagles. But he wasn’t afraid. On the contrary, Jessie happily bent over and started feeding the hungry eagles.

Their rare interaction is truly a magnificent sight to behold.

First, it looks like there are “only” nine eagles on the boat. But a few seconds into the video below, the camera pans to the left and it turns out that there are significantly more than that. Wow!

“Just a normal day in Alaska,” Jessie writes on YouTube.

Check out the amazing video here:

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