Bus driver stops to save sloth from the road and give him a ride to safety

Bus driver stops to save sloth from the road and give him a ride to safety

Sometimes animals can use a little human help to get around town — especially those that aren’t known for being particularly speedy.

It’s always inspiring when good samaritans take the time and go out of their way to help these animals, making sure they get where they need to go without being in danger of being hit by vehicles.

That was the story for one bus driver, who picked up an unusual passenger on his route: a sloth!

The story happened last year in northern Brazil. A wild sloth had apparently gotten lost and ended up on a busy city street.

A bus driver from the Conorte transport company saw the sloth and did the right thing: sensing that the sloth could be in danger of being hit by a vehicle if left alone, he pulled over and took the animal inside the bus.

The sloth felt right at home, it seems: photos show the animal grasping the bus’ hand pole near the ceiling like it was a tree.

And it provided a unique experience for the human passengers aboard the bus. “I had never seen a sloth up close,” passenger Daniele Miranda told The Dodo.

She was also happy that the driver pulled over to pick up the unexpected passenger. “It was so nice of them. The bus driver could have just driven by, but he didn’t.”

According to a Facebook post from Conorte, the “lazy bug” sloth was handed over to military police, who presumably helped get him back to his natural habitat.

The company gave a “hats off” to the employee’s kindness.

Thank you to this kind bus driver for helping this sloth get to safety! It’s always inspiring to see people go out of their way to keep animals from harm.

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