8-year-old boy uses a stick in fight for his life against a mountain lion

Eight-year-old Pike Carlson was playing outside his home in Colorado with his older brother, Gage, when a friend called his name. As he ran next door, a mountain lion attacked Pike.

“This mountain lion probably had its natural instincts,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Jason Clay said, according to 9News. “That’s how they stalk, or not so much stalk but surprise their prey as they run by. That running response does trigger their natural instincts.”

As Gage ran inside to get help, Pike fought for his life. The mountain lion grabbed ahold of Pike by his head and dragged him under a tree.

“I was just punching, trying to grab anything that I can, like a stick,” Pike told WZZM. “I did find a stick and I tried to get it in the eye but soon the stick snapped.”

When the boys’ father, Ron, made it outside he said his paternal instinct to protect his child kicked in. It never even occurred to him that the 65-pound mountain lion could kill him.

“All you know is you have to do something,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what happens to you, you’ve got to protect your children.”

“He told me ‘Dad, all animals have a vulnerable spot, their eyeballs,'” Ron said. “So he picked up a stick that was underneath the tree and was reaching back trying to poke it in the eye.”

The mountain lion eventually let go of Pike and it was only then that Ron was able to see the severity of his son’s injuries.

“There was blood all over him. His scalp was ripped open in several spots. It was something that no parent should ever see.”

They called 911 and transported Pike to a nearby fire station. Paramedics then took him to a hospital in Denver where he underwent two surgeries and received numerous stitches. It’s possible Pike will need another surgery on his eyelid sometime in the future.

As for now, he is home and recovering.

Following the brutal attack, CPW arrived at the family’s home in Bailey, Colorado to track down and kill the animal responsible for attacking Pike. According to their policy, any wild animal that attacks a person or livestock is put down.

Officials received a call from someone a mile from where Pike was attacked to report that one of their goats had been killed by a mountain lion. CPW found two mountain lions in the area and euthanized both. DNA from one of the lions confirmed one of the deceased animals was the one that attacked Pike.

Somehow, Pike has managed to remain in good spirits. I wish him the best as he continues to heal.

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