Boat captain helps seagull that hitched a ride on his lobster boat for 15 years

After encountering a wild animal on a regular basis for more than a decade, it’d be odd if you didn’t become attached.

For nearly 15 years a seagull visited John Makowsky, captain of a New England lobster boat. The bird often caught a ride on the bow of his boat whenever he went out to sea.

“It was comforting to look forward to see her there all the time. Without a doubt she’s been with me longer than any deckhand,” he told WCVB.


But recently when she landed on his boat he noticed something was off with his friend that he calls Red Eye, due to the distinctive red circle around her eye.

“As she flew in, her leg was dangling below her body and I could see her coming in — and she landed, it was like, after 15 years it was like, ‘Ugh, this is awful,'” he said.

So, Makowsky did what he’d do for any friend. He brought her to a doctor.

Of course with Red Eye being a seagull, it involved a few more steps like capturing her and transporting her to Center for Wildlife in Maine.

Thankfully, Red Eye recovered and when it was time for her to be released back into the wild, she was released off Makowsky’s boat.

“It was just a fabulous day. It was so great,” he said.

“There is a trust we can have with nature and we should value them for who they are.”

He’s absolutely right. We all must value nature and treat every creature with respect.

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