Blind elephant takes first steps to freedom after a lifetime of abuse

A 46-year-old blind elephant has taken her first steps to freedom after a lifetime of abuse and captivity.

Karma spent a lifetime being herded through the crowded streets of India carrying heavy loads or begging, a stressful experience for a blind elephant.

She was rescued by Wildlife SOS in December 2019 and is gaining her confidence back in her new surroundings at the Elephant Care and Conservation Center.

Footage has been released of Karma on Facebook taking her first steps to freedom as she walks off the truck toward the sanctuary, guided by the people who have been working to rescue the elephant for many months.

Wildlife S.O.S posted the video with the words: “Karma experienced her first taste of freedom as she stepped off the ambulance and into the Wildlife SOS elephant hospital.”

The animal heroes raised funds to help rescue the desperate creature and now she is enjoying a life of freedom.

Staff kept her away from the other elephants so she could relax and get used to her surroundings. In an update on her progress posted on Facebook, staff at Wildlife S.O.S said they had “quickly fallen in love with her.”

Staff added: “Because she’s completely blind, we’re taking it slowly as we introduce her to her new life. Our caretakers join her on nice walks where she can freely explore her surroundings, and our medical teams are caring for her injuries and trauma.”

How is Karma, you ask? She’s settling in nicely to her new surroundings at the Elephant Care and Conservation Centre!…

Posted by Wildlife SOS on Thursday, January 23, 2020

When the quarantine period is over Karma will be introduced to the other elephants. The organization already has three elephants who are blind and five with significant sight loss.

Staff also reported that she lay down for the first time, a sign that she is getting stronger and more at ease with her surroundings.

“It’s hard to imagine just a few short weeks ago, Karma was begging on the streets at the hands of a brutal ‘owner.’ With your help, our team daringly rescued her from a hostile environment and brought her to safety,” Wildlife SOS posted in an update on their Facebook page.

Wildlife SOS/Facebook

Thanks goodness for this team of animal heroes who work so hard to give these majestic creatures the respect they deserve.

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