Blind elephant enjoys first walk of freedom after being saved from cruelty

Elephants are among the most beautiful and majestic animals in the world, and yet too many of them spend their lives living in misery at the hands of cruel humans.

Thankfully, there are also people in the world willing to save these beautiful creatures and give them a second chance: many elephant sanctuaries around the world provide them with the space and open air they need, and what a difference it can make.

That’s what one heartwarming video shows, as one blind elephant takes her first free walk after being saved.


The video was shared by Wildlife SOS, a wildlife rescue organization that rescues and cares for orphaned, injured and exploited wildlife.

One of these rescued elephants is named Ginger, who had a “brutal past” in which she was kept in chains. Due to her past mistreatment, she had to undergo “intensive medical care” at the rescue’s elephant hospital.


After Ginger’s condition improved, they brought her outside for a walk โ€” a walk they said was her “first as an elephant free from chains.”

“This is great exercise for her, it allows her to also walk on soft grass which is very good for her cracked foot pads,” a representative from Wildlife SOS says in the video.


She says that although Ginger is completely blind, the elephant was “the most inquisitive we’ve seen her” on this first walk. “I think she can sense the cool air, the grass and even the water nearby,” the rescuer says.

Ginger’s caregiver was by her side to make sure she was okay and felt safe, but Ginger seems happy to explore the Yamuna riverside, using her trunk to guide her way.

The video shows Ginger use her trunk to grab some leaves from a tree. Later she lifts up some dirty and throws it all over her body, an elephant’s way of keeping cool from the sun.


These are natural behaviors for an elephant to do, and it’s heartbreaking that Ginger has never gotten to experience them until now.

But her life of being chained-up and mistreated is behind her, and now she will spend the rest of her life getting the space and freedom she deserves.

“Our hearts are full of joy today to see Ginger finally be an elephant and show a little sign of joy and happiness.”

Watch the video below:

What a moving video. We’re so glad Ginger is finally safe, in good hands and enjoying her newfound freedom!

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