Bald Eagle shot and left for dead by roadside may never fly again

A Bald Eagle that was shot and then left for dead this past weekend may never fly again, according to reports.

The bird was found suffering from a gunshot wound in a pool of water along state highway 10 in Miami, Oklahoma, as per the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Despite officers have difficulty in getting to the eagle as a result of the water, it was eventually rescued after Kendel Robbins, fisheries technician, waded out to get it.

Oklahoma Eagle Rescued

This weekend outdoor professionals teamed up to capture an injured Bald Eagle from the water west of Miami, Oklahoma along state highway 10. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Game Warden Jason Adair and Oklahoma State Park Officer Zach Early attempted to catch the injured Eagle but the water made the rescue more difficult. Luckily an ODWC fisheries Technician Kendel Robbins was nearby and literally jumped into action by wading out into the cold water for the rescue. The mature eagle was taken to the Tulsa Zoo veterinarian doctors to be treated. The doctors were able to discover the injuries were from a gunshot. The veterinarians give the eagle a good chance of survival but the chance for the eagle to regain flight is slim. If you or anyone you know has any information about this eagle, please contact Oklahoma Game Warden Jason Adair (918)533-2679 or contact the Operation Game Thief Hotline 1-800-522-4572. You can remain anonymous and may be given a reward leading to the conviction of this crime. #Teamwork #EagleRescue

Posted by Oklahoma Game Wardens on Sunday, February 23, 2020

The eagle was quickly rushed to nearby Tulsa Zoo, where it was treated by veterinarians who confirmed the injury was caused by a gunshot.

As per reports, the bird has a “good chance of survival”, though it’s apparently unlikely this magnificent creature will ever fly again.

Oklahoma Game Wardens Facebook page issued a post urging anyone with information to come forward and help solve the crime.

If you know anything, please contact Oklahoma Game Warden Jason Adair on (918)533-2679 or the Operation Game Thief Hotline on 1-800-522-4572.

Credit: Pixabay (Stock photo)

It galls me to think someone would be capable of purposefully shooting a bird like this and then leaving it to die alone. What have we come to as a species when we can commit such acts?

The Bald Eagle is no longer considered an endangered species thanks to conservation efforts, but they are protected by a number of state and federal laws.

Individuals who violate such laws can be fined up to $5,000 or face imprisonment for one year. Felony convictions, meanwhile, carry a maximum fine of $250,000 and up to two years behind bars.

I sincerely hope they catch the person responsible for this, just as I hope this Bald Eagle makes as full a recovery as possible.

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