Australian wildlife rescue saves 7 baby wallabies orphaned by bushfires

Our hearts continue to be with the people of Australia, who are facing devastating wildfires. We’re especially thinking about the many people working tirelessly to protect the native wildlife population, which has been greatly affected by the fires.

From driving around saving koalas to setting up makeshift shelters, from knitting pouches to donating millions of dollars, we’ve seen many stories of animal lovers stepping up to provide hope in the face of this tragedy.

Like this animal rescue, who has given a second chance to a group of adorable baby wallabies hit by the bushfires.

The seven agile wallaby joeys were in need of help. Fires south of Townsville killed their mothers and left them orphaned.

“Their mums tragically lost their lives to the fires down south,” Shai Ager, project manager of The Agile Project, told UNILAD. “Their mums have either run out onto the roads because of the fires and have been hit, or some of their mums have had really bad burns.”

After going from carer to carer, the wallabies ended up in the care of the Agile Project, who gave them some much-needed care.

“When they first arrived in our care, they were very stressed as they’d all experienced some type of trauma,” Shai told The Dodo.

“A few of them had some minor injuries but considering what they had been through, they were still in high spirits.” 

The Agile Project is holding their first official sewing circle next Wednesday morning (15th) at Cairns Create It…

Posted by The Agile Project – Wildlife Rescue on Monday, January 6, 2020

The animal rescue gave the wallabies cozy blankets and beds to make sure they were happy and comfortable. They also gave them all names, which doubled as tributes to people who have aided Australia during the bushfire crisis.

Two of the boys, Andrew and Geoffrey, are named after Australian firefighters who died in the fires. Others are named for famous Australian celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, Margot Robbie and Rebel Wilson, who have donated and raised funds for the cause.

The 7 joeys currently snuggling together in a shell pool have been given their names. Two boys are called Andrew and…

Posted by The Agile Project – Wildlife Rescue on Thursday, January 9, 2020

According to The Dodo, the wallabies have been placed with different carers, who will care for them until they are 14 months old, when they’ll be ready to return to the wild.

Meanwhile, the Agile Project will continue to help all the animals who come their way… and they have their work cut out for them.

“It looks like the fires aren’t going to get better anytime soon, so we have had to take on quite a few more, and also some other species such as possums, even some reptiles,” Shai told WIN News Cairns.

Thank you to this rescue for caring for these precious wallabies! We’re so glad they’re going to be okay.

In the wake of the Australian bushfires, it’s always nice to hear a story of hope. Share this good news!