Trucker comes across pure white critter in the middle of the road, when he approaches it’s not what he thinks

Typically fawns lose their white spots when they’re between three and four months old. That’s why when a trucker came across a small critter in the middle of the road he didn’t realize it was a baby deer. Initially he thought it was a lamb.

It turns out the abandoned all-white animal was a rare albino fawn.


Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue in Loomis, California, took the fawn into their care without hesitation. According to The Dodo, this is the first albino fawn they ever encountered.

The rescue wrote on Facebook that the fawn, nicknamed Spirit, was discovered in the middle of the road near some rice fields.

Gepostet von Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue am Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2019

While it’s typical for those with albinism to suffer from hearing loss or decreased vision, Spirit has “great eye site [sic] and hearing.”

Gepostet von Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue am Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2019

“She is currently doing very well,” Shasta Stratton-Quirk added. “She is eating and gaining weight!”

Spirit will continue to live at the sanctuary for several months until she has grown enough that her rescuers believe she will be able to survive in the wild on her own.

Of course if Spirit is able to be released into the wild again a concern is will she be able to survive? It’s possible, especially if she’s placed in a state where it’s illegal to kill albino deer.

If it wasn’t for the trucker who stopped to help Spirit it’s very likely she would have been hit by a truck.

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