90 whales die in mass stranding as rescuers work to save over 100 others

Crews are working around the clock to save 270 whales stranded on a sandbank in Australia.

Around 90 of the whales have already died and more are feared to be dying, rescuers in Australia say.

“We’ve rescued about 25 at the present time and escorted them out the channel and out to sea and crews are continuing to work, so that number will increase before we get to the end of the day,” Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service Manager Nic Deka said, as per NBC News.

A rescuer stands waist deep in water next to a stranded whale
Tasmania Government

The pilot whales were found in shallow waters off the west coast of Tasmania on Monday.

It’s not known what drew them into the shallow waters.

Rescuers from the Tasmanian Marine Conservation Program are working tirelessly to help the whales who are stranded in a remote tip of the island which is hard to access.

It’s thought the rescue mission could continue for days but rescuers are hopeful the whales can survive for a few days if the weather stays cool.

Some of the stranded whales on a sandbar at Macquarie Heads
Tasmania Police

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