UPS Driver hears woman screaming for help in her house – when police break down door they can’t believe their eyes

How would you react if you heard someone calling for help from inside their home? Would you go in? Call the police? Or just go ahead and pretend you heard nothing?

UPS driver Lee Purdy just happened to end up in this situation — and he chose to act.

But the situation did not end as he’d expected. Not one bit.

Lee Purdy was out on his usual round, dropping packages off in Oregon, USA, when he suddenly heard a scream from a house he passed in front of.

He quickly realized it sounded just like a woman’s voice crying for help. He froze and at first didn’t know what to do. The voice sounded strange, as if the woman was having difficulty speaking properly. In his confusion, Lee chose to call his wife to ask for advice.

She immediately advised him to put their call on hold — and dial 911.

The police promptly arrived on scene. They had no idea what to expect, but were ready for anything. Or at least, that’s what they thought.

When they entered the home into the living room, they quickly realized that the house was vacant. Vacant, that is, except for a single parrot on his stick in the middle of the living room… shouting “help me”.

UPS delivery driver heard someone yelling for "help" inside of a residence. Deputies responded and found the culprit. We…

Posted by Clackamas County Sheriff's Office on Monday, November 6, 2017

Lee had heard the parrot Diego. The police were surprised — but also relieved. It was sure nice that no one, not even Diego, was in actual need of their help.

Diego’s owner Susan Baird later told them that it was not the first time her bird set off a fear or two. She said he loves to mimic sounds from both humans and animals, and apparently the words “help me” had become his favorite phrase.

When the Baird family had guests, they always asked about the strange screams for help coming from the other room.

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See more about Diego in the video below.

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