Scared baby squirrel refuses to leave as her tree is chopped down — rescue takes her in

Squirrels are such a common sight in so many of our neighborhoods, parks and backyards that we barely give them much thought, but it’s important to remember that we still share our environment with them and the things we do affect their lives.

When a tree was being cut down last month, a baby squirrel was terrified of losing her home and refused to leave — until a rescue gave her a new start.

Halfway Home Wildlife Rehab, in Wayne County, Michigan, is a non-profit dedicated to rescuing injured and orphaned wildlife. Last month, the responded to a call about a young black eastern grey squirrel whose home tree was being removed.

The young squirrel stood her ground: “She refused to go,” Halfway Home wrote on Facebook.

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Facebook/Halfway Home Wildlife Rehab

They also realized that the squirrel’s mom was nowhere to be found, and she was likely an orphan. So, the wildlife rehab took her in.

In a follow-up post, the rescue said that losing her home was “traumatic” for the young squirrel, but she was making progress.

“She is finally starting to assert herself and come out of her shell,” the wildlife center wrote.

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Facebook/Halfway Home Wildlife Rehab

Though Halfway Home gave her a much-needed temporary home after her tree was cut down, the ultimate goal is to release her back into the wild where she belongs — hopefully, to find another tree to call her own.

“She will go back to the wild in a month and will be released here on our property,” the facility’s owner Theresa Carroll told The Dodo.

It’s heartbreaking that this baby squirrel lost her home, but we’re glad she’s in good hands and will be released back into the wild soon. Thank you to the kind people who took her in.

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