Rare spider monkey born at zoo — with unique 'Batman symbol' face marking

Rare spider monkey born at zoo — with unique ‘Batman symbol’ face marking

An adorable baby spider monkey born at a Florida zoo recently is making headlines and warming hearts all over the internet — not just because its birth is good news for a vulnerable species, but because of its unique facial markings that remind people of Batman!

The Brevard Zoo, in Melbourne, Florida, announced in a blog post that their 31-year-old black-handed spider monkey Rochelle (aka Shelley) gave birth to a baby on April 15.

The father is a 25-year-old male named Shooter. Zookeepers do not know the sex of the newborn yet, but they say its doing well in its first days of life and has been bonding with mom.

“Shelley is a pro at caring for her offspring,” said Lauren Hinson, the Zoo’s Director of Animal Programs, in the blog post. Shelley has given birth to two spider monkeys in the zoo’s troop, and will soon be a grandma as her offspring Tica is expecting her own child soon.

And zookeepers were also quick to notice that the baby had a very unique facial marking — one that resembles Batman’s iconic symbol, the bat shape seen on the Bat-Suit and the Bat-Signal:

Brevard Zoo

But while this baby might not be fighting off crime in Gotham City, it is doing its part to save the world by keeping alive a vulnerable species.

The Brevard Zoo writes that the black-handed spider monkey is a vulnerable species, caused by habitat loss and an illegal pet trade in its native Central and South America.

The baby’s arrival marks another important step forward in keeping this species alive.

“Every Zoo birth is a safeguard against losing these precious species in their natural range,” the zoo writes.

Shelley and her baby are now bonding in the zoo’s Rainforest Revealed habitat, and can be spotted by visitors.

Brevard Zoo

What a unique, adorable baby spider monkey! Congrats on this inspiring birth — we know this newborn will go a long way in keeping this vulnerable species alive.

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