Police officers go out of their way to help lost baby skunks reunite with their family

Police officers go out of their way to help lost baby skunks reunite with their family

Skunks tend to get a bad rap from humans, as their mostly associated with the foul-smelling defensive spray that many of us have been on the receiving end of.


But they deserve our love and respect as much as any other animal, and people should help them whenever they need it. Recently, two police officers went out of their way to reunite a skunk family after their babies got separated.

Officer Caitlin Russell was on duty with the Cambridge Police Department in Massachusetts when she unexpectedly came across two little creatures that were lost from home.

It was two baby skunks — and the officer went out of her way to help them. “I saw they were alone. I couldn’t walk away,” Officer Russell told The Dodo.

While most people are understandably cautious around skunks — not approaching them out of fear of getting sprayed — Officer Russell, who says she “loves animals,” took the risk and thankfully found that the baby skunks were friendly.

“They were very open to my presence, and were totally fine with me holding them,” she said, adding that the baby skunks “are so stinkin’ cute!”

Russell and her fellow officer looked after the baby skunks, making sure they were safe — and soon, they were able to reunite them with their siblings.

According to the Cambridge Police Department, the Animal Commission had earlier in the day located two other skunks believed to be of the same litter.

According to The Dodo, the skunks were reunited, and they are now in the care of a wildlife rehab center, and will be released into the wild together once they are older.

“They are in such good care now and their future will be nothing short of great,” Russell told The Dodo. “[It] made my heart very full and happy to get them reunited and safe.”

Saving skunks isn’t a typical part of police work, but these officers were kind enough to go the extra mile to help animals in need.

“You never know who you’ll come across while working a shift,” the Cambridge Police Department wrote on Facebook.

We’re so glad these skunks are safe and sound thanks to these caring officers!

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