Meet Barry, the beautiful bird who looks like he has a ‘bowl cut’

We’ve all had an unflattering haircut at sometime in our life. Maybe you have one right now—social distancing rules have made it harder to go to the barber or the salon, and it turns out we’re not as great with the scissors as we thought…

But for anyone who has rocked a hairdo cut by their mom, you have a new spirit animal.

Meet Barry, the bird with a bowl cut:

With hair like that, Barry could pass for one of the Beatles. He’s proud of his unique ‘do: “I’m the birb with the fringe!” his Instagram boldly states.

It was perhaps his unique look that drew his owner to him when looking for a new pet.

“On the 26th of July we went to a pet shop to look for the perfect bird,” Barry’s owners George Shute told Bored Panda. “We came back on the 27th and thought he was definitely the one!”

To be clear, Barry’s “bowl cut” is not a haircut at all, it’s just a natural part of his appearance. He’s a Gloster Canary, specifically the “Corona” variety which have a fringe.

“He’s a Gloster canary and the haircut is natural, but I don’t think they’re that common, people have not really seen that style of bird before,” George’s mother Carole told SWNS.

But that hasn’t stopped him from going viral online. His Instagram currently has over 10,000 followers.

“I thought we’d get about 1,000 followers but I didn’t think we’d exceed that,” George said, adding that the reaction was “overwhelming.”

One of the photos that catapulted Barry to fame was a photo of him covered in a rainbow:

Barry is quite the social bird—he likes to get out of the house.

“Barry absolutely adores going out in his bird carrier,” George told Bored Panda. “We will walk around parks and fields and he will tweet and hop with excitement.”

“He also loves sitting on the window still and singing.”

But despite his newfound viral fame, he’s not ready to show off his talents to the world just yet.

“People wanted to hear him sing so I spent an entire two days trying to get him to sing to the camera — he’s actually a bit camera shy,” George told SWNS.

“When he sees the camera he kind-of freezes. But he lives a pampered lifestyle — he’s quite a diva.”

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