Man finds unusual creature in his garden — then sees it transform into something beautiful

There are so many unique and beautiful creatures to be found in nature, and some can be found in your own backyard.

That’s what one man realized after he found a colorful little creature and watched in awe as it transformed before his eyes.


The photos were shared by a user named Lahiru Perera in the Weird, Fantastic and Odd Things Facebook group.

Photos show a “thing with tiny wings” — a tiny, yellow and pink creature — that followed the photographer around.

The creature is a rosy maple moth, the smallest of the great silk moths. They are found in eastern North America and are known for their distinct coloration.


According to the caption, the photographer witnessed something “amazing”: the moth filled up its wings, gradually turning into a “beautiful creature.”

Photos show the moth’s wings growing more and more, finally growing into a stunningly beautiful final form.

What cool photos, and what an incredible transformation! Nature is truly incredible! 💕💛

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