Girl trains bird to attack people she screams at — it’s equally amusing and horrifying

Pets are great at many things: comforting us when we need a snuggle, providing us with hours of entertainment, lending us an ear when we need someone to talk to, and attacking our enemies?

A Twitter user recently uploaded a video, which has already been viewed 22 million times, of his niece with her bird that’s trained to perform a very specific task, “attack anyone she screams at.”


At first glance the little girl and her bird appear harmless. How could anyone with such a sweet smile and something with such beautifully colored feathers ever cause you to shriek at the top of your lungs?

Take a look for yourself.

The little girl pretends her bird is sad, and when the person she’s not fond of, in this case the person behind the camera, questions her, she lets out a piercing scream. And as if the scream isn’t enough to stun the victim, the little girl’s bird attacks.

Twitter users were both amazed and horrified. Some even compared her to Snow White in Shrek the Third and a Pokemon trainer.

“The bird was on go, didn’t wait .01 sec before it took off,” one user wrote.

However you look at it, this little girl holds so much power in her hands.

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