Bronx Zoo celebrates birth of rare, endangered tree kangaroo

It’s always a great day at a zoo when a new animal is born — there’s nothing cuter than a newborn baby animal. But it’s even more special when that animal is part of an endangered species: each new birth is a big step towards keeping the species alive for another generation.

Now, the Bronx Zoo is celebrating the birth of an adorable Matschie’s tree kangaroo, which has just emerged from its mother’s pouch.

The joey marks the first birth of the species since 2008. According to National Geographic, they are an endangered species with a decreasing population, so the birth is great news.

“The birth is significant for the Bronx Zoo,” the zoo wrote on Facebook. “It is the result of the zoo’s participation in a cooperative breeding program administered by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.”


Most of the physical development of baby kangaroos occurs in the pouch, an internal gestation that takes about 6 weeks. Now with his head out of the pouch, this adorable little joey is being doted on by his loving mom.

“As it matures it will begin to explore its environment and start spending short periods of time outside the pouch,” the Bronx Zoo explained.


The mother kangaroo and her joey can be seen at the zoo’s JungleWorld exhibit, though they say exhibit times may vary as the joey matures and adapts to the surroundings.


What an adorable baby kangaroo! Welcome to the world!

We know this little joey will go a long way in helping this endangered species survive.

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