Baby kangaroo stolen from farm: owners plead for return before it’s too late

It’s heartbreaking to think anyone would want to steal an animal, but unfortunately there are some criminals out there willing to take an animal from its home.

While this situation is always heartbreaking for the animals’ owners, it’s even worse when they have special needs. Animals who require medication or a special diet could die if anyway from home for too long.

That’s the grave situation for the owners of a baby kangaroo who has been stolen from their farm — now they’re desperate to get him back before it’s too late.

Hillview Stables, a farm in Laurel County, Kentucky, is home to many animals — including a baby kangaroo named Scooby-Doo.


Scooby Doo is beloved by the stable’s owners and by visitors: guests love to visit the farm to see the 10-month-old kangaroo.

But sadly, someone decided to take the kangaroo for themselves: Scooby Doo is now missing, apparently stolen right from his home.

“The pouch is homemade,” Rick Gregory of Hillview Stables told WKYT. “Just for a kangaroo. It was tied right here. They cut the string.”

“I’m sure everyone thinks he’s cute. ‘I’d like to have it,’ la de da. But I don’t understand it. How could you do that?”

Making things even worse is the fact that Scooby Doo will likely get sick or even die if not cared for properly. He has been carefully bottle-fed with a special milk made for kangaroos — anything else could be fatal.

“I’m sure that whoever has him don’t know how to take care of him he has to have a special nipple for his bottle and he has to have powdered milk that is made just for kangaroos or wallabies which you have to order and it is very expensive, if he is fed any other kind of milk he will more than likely get diarrhea and die,” the owners explained on Facebook.

“Angi has bottle fed him every 6 to 8 hours for two months and loves him dearly,” they wrote. “How can anyone do this, I don’t understand.”


The search is on to find the baby kangaroo in time — but currently, they have no leads on the culprit. “(The stable) said they didn’t have any video surveillance or anything like that, so they really have no ideas on who might have taken it,” Laurel County Sheriff Deputy Gilbert Acciardo told Courier Journal, saying his department was aware of the theft but would open a case when they had a solid lead.

But the stable is now offering a reward: they have offered $500 for his return, and $1,000 for his return and information leading to an arrest.

“Please bring him home,” the owners pleaded.

It’s heartbreaking that anyone would steal this baby kangaroo. We hope Scooby Doo is found before it’s too late.

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