Woman brings her horses inside house to keep them safe from freezing weather

In recent days an Arctic blast has swept through the US, causing record-low temperatures in many parts of the country.

It’s no time to be going outside, and it certainly isn’t time to leave your pets out either. Even outdoor pets are in serious danger during weather extremes like this.

And as temperatures dipped below zero, one woman took an unusual step to ensure her animals would be warm.


On January 13, Kelly Rowley, of Niobrara, Nebraska, was concerned about her pet horses. Temperatures in the area were below zero, and while horses usually reside outdoors she knew the extreme temperatures might be too much to handle.

So in an effort to keep them safe and warm, she took an unusual step and invited them inside her house!

Kelly told KTIV that the horses were scared at first, but quickly made themselves at home to get out of the frigid weather.

Photos show the horses standing in her living room — an unusual but heartwarming sight.

The weather has been brutally cold in Nebraska this week, with the state seeing record-low temperatures in several areas as well as record frostbite injuries.

Horses are built to withstand the cold outdoors, and can withstand even sub-zero temperatures, but if horses are visibly cold it can be a good idea to give them shelter.

And of course, household pets like cats and dogs should never be left outside during extreme weather.

As many of us deal with this freezing cold winter weather, it’s important to look out for our animals’ health and safety. It’s heartwarming that this woman cared enough about her horses to keep them inside her house!

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