The foal refuses to leave her injured mother’s side – then animal rescuers act immediately

When U.K. animal welfare organization the RSPCA received an urgent call about a horse in distress, they responded immediately.

But they weren’t prepared for the sight they were about to see on their arrival – and just how heartbreaking it was.

As soon as they saw the horse in distress they immediately knew what had to be done and how fast they had to act to prevent the horse from enduring more suffering. The mama horse had got one of her hooves caught in her mane and was panicking, trying to get up.

But the trapped horse wasn’t alone as she had her young foal with her, who was helplessly running back and forth unable to help but refusing to leave her side.

Refused to leave mother’s side

It didn’t matter how much the horse tried to get up, she kept falling down. Meanwhile her worried youngster refused to leave her mother’s side.


Fortunately the experienced rescuers arrived at the scene just in time and were able to approach the gray-haired beauty slowly.

After being able to get close enough to the terrified horse they were able to gently cut the mane to allow her to move freely again.

Couldn’t stand up

All the animal lovers could do was stand by and watch as the helpless creature tries to get back on her feet. Using all her power she makes attempt after attempt and all the while her baby is just circling her, as if encouraging her to get up.


But luckily it turns out that their efforts paid off. See how this amazing rescue ends in the video below.

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